Services we offer

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Barrel Work

Shotgun Choke Boring

Shotgun Barrel Boring

Metal Blacking

Damascus Browning


Re-Sleeving Barrels

Strip and Re-Laying Ribs

Rifle Barrel Re-Lining

Sound Moderators

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Stock Work

Rifle Synthetic Bedding


Wood Renovating


Stock Alterations

Research and development

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Action Work

Re-Jointing Actions

Trigger Regulating

Ejector Regulating

Rifle True and Blue Printing

Rifle Sako Extractor Conversions

Rifle Bolt Handle Conversions

Metal Bead Blast Finishing

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Custom Work

As well as having all of the traditional bench skills we have a full machine and barrel boring shop where we can carry out high quality work from minor repairs to full renovations and custom modifications to full custom builds on Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. Our bespoke specialist rifles are built to our customer requirements with the ultimate accuracy, fit and precision in mind. If you would like some advice or have a project in mind and would like to discuss its feasibility then please contact us.